Hi. I’m INES (ee-nes), 19, from Paris, France. I’m a film student and hopefully future TV writer or comic book writer. Here’s a few things about moi:

— 5’7 tall introvert with long dark hair, brown eyes, and a crooked nose.
— ISFP (The Artist), enneagram type 4 (The Individualist), aries (the selfish prick)
— At some point when I was growing up I aspired to become a James Bond villain.
— Here for the horror. I like surreal and atmospheric horror, highly stylized dark imagery, and gothic aesthetics, as well as 70's and 80's slashers, monster and zombie flicks, and psychological horror. You can pretty much send anything horror related my way and I'll watch it or read it. I'm always open to recs, please.
— Other areas of interest include fashion, philosophy, cryptozoology and monsters, music, html, literature, surrealism, German expressionism, mythology, outer space, daydreaming for hours on end, foreign languages, scottish accents, feminism, etc...
— I thrive on solitude and isolation and staying up late at night.
— Buried in a perpetual state of passiveness and lethargy.
— I usually identify as gray-a and demi-homoromantic.
— Basically a ball of anxiety and asocial behavior.
— If there’s something else you want to know, or if you just need someone to talk to (about anything), hit me up, it’ll always be greatly appreciated.

— The Strain (S01)
— Utopia (S01)
— Sons of Anarchy (S07)

Hozier - Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys cover)

Jean-Louis Forain, Backstage - Symphony in Blue, 1900-23.


Jean-Louis Forain, Backstage - Symphony in Blue, 1900-23.

The Black Keys - Howlin' For You
Monster" is derived from the Latin noun monstrum, "divine portent," itself formed on the root of the verb monere, "to warn." It came to refer to living things of anomalous shape or structure, or to fabulous creatures like the sphinx who were composed of strikingly incongruous parts, because the ancients considered the appearance of such beings to be a sign of some impending supernatural event. Monsters, like angels, functioned as messengers and heralds of the extraordinary. They served to announce impending revelation, saying, in effect, "Pay attention; something of profound importance is happening.

— My Words to Victor Frankenstein: by Susan Stryker (via sheisturningblue)

Mars as seen by Rosseta during a gravity assist


Mars as seen by Rosseta during a gravity assist

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